Thanksgiving On Sale: Stock Up for Company!

sale thanksgiving table and kitchen decor

sale thanksgiving table and kitchen decor

| 1. Large Nonstick Roaster | 2. Zoom Wine Glasses (Set of 6) | 3. Harvest Check Napkin (Set of 4) | 4. Bark-Colored Silicone Spatula | 5. Bamboo Tray | 6. Cooking Thermometer & Timer | 7. Argyle Tumblers (Set of 12) | 8. Turkey Cookie Cutter |

Guys.  There are some seriously good sales going on right now if you need some supplies for Thanksgiving.  Whether you’re cooking a turkey for the first time and need a roaster or if your guest count has gone from “manageable” to “I’m going to need some more glassware,” check out some of these deals.

I mean, the set of six wine glasses is less than $8!  The roaster and both the glassware sets ship for free, too.

A lot of these sales end on Monday, though, so if you need to stock up, now’s the time.

Enjoy your weekend!