Signs of Spring

signs of spring in the kitchen | sunsets on the side


| 1. Green Table Runner | 2. Marin Flora Platter | 3. Citrus Juicer | 4. Lemon Bowl | 5. Orange Diamond Party Glass | 6. Green Diamond Party Glass | 7. Salud Pitcher |

Spring has officially sprung!  Today I’m celebrating winter’s end by picking out cheerful colors and patterns that make me want to open the windows, stock up on produce, and bake some fruity treats (stay tuned).

Some of these pieces are very much on sale, too, so you can feel frugal while stocking up on things that will showcase the new season in your kitchen and on your table.


  1. Wow, Christy, good choices that look soooo spring-y that everyone should have hope that spring weather is not far behind the calendar! I think I must have the Krups juicer, especially at the bargain price you have found for me. Thanks and happy spring.

  2. I, too, love that little orange juicer….or is it mango? Either way, it’s beautiful! Great list!

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