Prolonging the Season

fall recipes to try

| 1 – Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins (Brown Eyed Baker) | 2 – Easy Butternut Skillet Shells (How Sweet Eats) | 3 – Pumpkin Gruyere Gougeres (Foodie Crush) | 4 – Maple Bourbon Cider (Martha Stewart) |

You might call it procrastination, but I choose to think of it as allowing my favorite season to linger.  And, this time, I let it linger for almost a full 365 days!

Score?  Not really.

Regardless, I have a bunch of recipes that have either been sitting in the “to try” pile in my recipe binder or staring at me longingly from my Fall & Halloween Pinterest board.  In the spirit of ‘better late than never,’ here are the top four recipes I’ve been meaning to try since last fall.

If you’re looking for a fall-inspired breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktail, these aged-like-a-fine-wine recipes have got you covered!  I can’t wait to give them a whirl myself.


  1. Those pumpkin doughnut muffins sound too good not to try!

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