Fall Finds

fall finds for kitchen and table decor

1. Selden Platter | 2. Sierra Stripe Dishtowel | 3. Farmhouse Double Handle Bowls | 4. Pumpkin Embroidered Napkins | 5. Magnolia Branch Serving Set (Sale!) | 6. Owl Mug

Fall is officially here!  I mean……technically.

Here in St. Pete we, admittedly, still have a lot of summer weather ahead.  But, technically, you know…it is fall.  And, our still-sizzling temperatures aren’t going to stop me from lighting my apple-pumpkin scented candle and busting out those pumpkin recipes I’ve been dreaming about since last November.

In the spirit of the new season, here are a few of my favorite new finds to help get us into the hearty soup and cozy entertaining autumn spirit.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Great fall finds!

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