Hi!  I’m Christy.  I love to cook.  I’m obsessed with the Food Network.  I subscribe to way too many food magazines.  I’ve been making sugar cookies since I was too little to reach the kitchen counter without a stool.  I come from a large Italian family.  And, at any time, during any given day, I’m probably hungry.

Those last two things are likely related.

This is one of my favorite pictures, just because it’s so totally me.  It was taken between our wedding ceremony and reception, when my husband and I were allowed to see the room before everyone else came in.  I was starving.  Can you tell?  I don’t even remember the photographer standing there.  I was having an internal struggle.  Want to eat all the cookies our family and friends so lovingly prepared…must leave before guests arrive…no one will notice just one…


Don’t worry, that was just one of about (I’m estimating) 800 other cookie tables.  There were, um…plenty.

I live in St. Petersburg, FL with my charming, kind, hilarious husband Scott.


He’s the one on the left.

Oh, we’re originally from Pittsburgh.  But, between the parrot and the wedding cookie table, I bet you already guessed that.

Though I’ll always be a ‘Burgh kid at heart, I’ve lived in St. Pete for five years now, and I absolutely love it here.  The city is just large enough to have great restaurants and interesting museums but just small enough to never feel congested.  The beach and the city are both within a 10-minute drive.  The sun shines practically every day.  The sunsets are an experience.


All sunsets are beautiful, of course.  But, the sunsets on the Gulf coast of Florida are particularly magical.  They’re a sort of life event in this town.  It’s a thing to do…a perfectly reasonable answer to the question, “what are you doing tonight?”

“Going to see the sunset.”

It’s incredible how your mindset can shift the second you kick off your flip flops and stick your feet into the cool, evening sand.  Life’s details and worries seem small.  They’re just background noise.  I can’t explain why, but I have the same experience when I’m in the kitchen.  There is an optimism and comfort in that room that I can’t seem to find in many other places.

I started this blog to keep track of all the food I create.  I’m kind of a chronic recipe masher.  I usually have an idea of what I want to make, search for recipes to match it, and end up using part of my own idea and parts of three or four other recipes to match the food to what’s in my head.  I always thought I’d remember what I did the next time I wanted to make the same dish, but that was giving my memory way too much credit.  I needed to start documenting.  Here you’ll find my recipe mash-ups along with some trusted family favorites that I wouldn’t ever change.

Life is good and food tastes better when there’s a sunset on the side.